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OneDrive & OneDrive for Business Documents

Backup OneDrive & OneDrive for Business

OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive) is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that allows users to sync files and later access them from a web browser or mobile device.
In addition to personal cloud storage, Microsoft offers managed business storage as OneDrive for Business which is part of Microsoft Office 365 suite. Cloudsfer provides a fast & secure OneDrive for business migration tool covering all your migration needs (for example, move from Google Drive to OneDrive).

How easy it is to perform a OneDrive for business migration with Cloudsfer?


OneDrive Backup: Benefits of using Cloudsfer to migrate and backup content from and to OneDrive & OneDrive for Business (e.g Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive  for business or migrate OneDrive to Dropbox)

  • Migrate all file types (e.g transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive)
  • Keep hierarchy structure
  • Apply filters by created and modified date
  • Perform bulk user migrations from and to OneDrive for Business (e.g transfer Google Drive to OneDrive) with your admin account
  • Automatically handle migration challenges according to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business restrictions and limitations

Cloudsfer supports migration to OneDrive & OneDrive for Business with over 30 cloud and on premise systems such as: 
Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive or migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, migrate to OneDrive from Egnyte, Amazon S3 to OneDrive migration, migrate to OneDrive for business from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, move files from Box to OneDrivemigrate Dropbox to OneDrive,  transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Photos, move to OneDrive from NAS and many more on premise and cloud storage providers.


Cloudsfer migration tool also provides a simple and efficient solution for Dropbox to Google Drive migration