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About Cloudsfer

About Cloudsfer

Cloudsfer, created and powered by Tzunami Inc. is a leading web service for fast, secure and smooth content migration (e.g. files, pictures etc.) between cloud services.

Instead of struggling to master the many available services and dealing with tough and many times frustrating migration issues, Cloudsfer handles the challenges for you. Cloudsfer makes migration easier and transferring files anywhere becomes hassle-free and can be done with a smile.

“Cloudsfer lets you expertly migrate your data between more than 20 cloud services”

Cloudsfer not only enables you to instantly migrate and backup your personal data, but IT administrators gain advanced capabilities that minimize their learning curve and allows them to migrate their entire organization between cloud services.

By centralizing cloud migration, performing bulk users’ migration, preserving sharing settings and metadata, Cloudsfer has raised the cloud data migration product bar to a whole new level, providing a product that not only serves but simplifies the process significantly.

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Cloudsfer by Tzunami

Cloudsfer was developed by Tzunami Inc. – a pioneering content migration company and leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) migration solutions. For over a decade, Tzunami’s solutions are leading the market of content migration into Microsoft SharePoint – starting with SharePoint 2001, up to today’s most recent versions. Tzunami enables advanced, large-scale migrations between multiple systems.

Over the years, Tzunami Inc. has migrated more than 20 million seats and thousands of TBs into SP. Our clients include top Fortune 500 enterprise brands from a wide variety of industries (Aviation, Consumer Discretionary, Financial, Government, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and more).

Cloudsfer was developed by Tzunami to offer cloud content migration to everyone.

Searching for cloud migration companies in USA? Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Tzunami is a global company, with offices and staff available 24/7 across the globe for Cloudsfer. With round-the-clock technical support and plain-talking staff, we help you effectively and cohesively manage, migrate and transfer your cloud data content.